I’ve had this post open on my blog for days….I seem to be behind on everything as we’ve had a few long days for a variety of reasons.  So I’m finally going to hit publish and then go tackle my insane inbox….

My girls.  We tried this when Maggie was “on” and in full on puppy play mode and it just was not working!  Funny, but not working.  So we waited until she fell asleep and then tried again.  Worked like a charm even if she does appear a bit groggy.  Taryn is in love with these.  She’s in love with Maggie and is so very smitten with her.  Taryn is a big reason we decided to get another dog…she’s our little animal lover.  Doesn’t matter the animal, she’s got a soft heart from rolly pollies all the way up to horses.  Her daddy is that way and it is one of the reasons I fell in love with him.  He got it from his Grandpa.  Seeing those 3 Stradtners in the same room together with an animal makes me smile every time.  T would bring home every stray imaginable if we let her.  In fact, when we got Maggie she declared she wasn’t a one or a two dog person, she’s a ten dog person!  HA!  Not happening on my watch kid!  Yes, these two are inseparable already….