Hey all!  Sorry it’s been awhile.  We live a ways out of the city (I lovingly call it the sticks) and it was a challenge to find internet service we can live with.  We had to go through a few companies and finally have it, but can’t get our wireless up and running, so I’m blogging from the closet.  Seriously.  Does that tell you how disconnected I’ve felt?!  I’m desperate, sitting in the closet, using a box as a desk, taking some "me" time!  =)  I usually hide from the kids in the bathroom for a few minutes at a time but this isn’t too bad…nice and roomy, carpet, heck, it’s half the size of our old bedroom!

We are in Austin, it was so hard to leave Louisiana.  I think about it and start to cry.  I miss my mom like crazy, I go through my day feeling like I’m missing something and I am.  She’s the best though and tried to make it as easy as possible on everyone. 

Our new house is amazing, I love it and we are all starting to settle in.  It’s slow, but steady.  Still lots of boxes to unpack, but I’m trying to take it one room at a time.  This house is about 400 sq feet bigger than our old one and it feels like it already!  Jason had to return to Louisiana to work his last few days but is now back in Texas and has started his new job.  Ty started school this past Monday and is doing great, he loves it and always adjusts so quickly.  He went from a class of 30 to a class of 15 and dropped from a Middle School back to Elementary, but he’s totally digging the whole no uniforms things (for the record, I’m not, I liked the uniforms).  I love the school though, they made us all feel totally welcome from the first minute!  Little T is doing a bit better, she had a hard time on the way over here but gets it now, at least we think she does.  She’s having a great time getting into anything and everything she can get her hands on, and loves the park around the corner, we hit it daily.

Thank everyone for all your well wishes and amazing emails!  I have over 110 in my inbox and promise to get through each one at some point!!

I’ve picked up my camera maybe 3 times in the last few weeks….but I couldn’t post without sharing this.  One of the many reasons we love our new home….the amazing view!

We get to watch the moon rise every evening after dinner….this is the view from our living room, breakfast area and back patio….


and the sunrise each morning is just as breathtaking….


I’ll be back soon again, I promise!  Thanks for stopping in to check on us =)