Just one of Little T from last week.  The kids love having a back yard they can play in and Taryn is fascinated with the stairs leading up to the patio.  Thankfully she only jumps off the last one, but my heart has skipped a beat more than once in the last few weeks.  Ty has managed to escape my camera a lot lately.  I need to remedy that, but will need luck getting his nose out of his book!


Later that evening we took the kids to get haircuts and we ended up chopping Taryn’s hair.  I need to take a picture of it, it’s so cute!  It’s finally all even in the back and a one length bob and Jason talked me into getting her bangs cut.  I’m so glad we did, she looks adorable and loves not having hair in her face all the time!

And just because I feel the need to catch up a little (please excuse the rambling)….

The other day we were trying to convince her to take a nap, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep and Jason said "look Mommy is sleeping" so she leans over, taps me on the head and says in her best 35 year old psychiatrist voice "Mommy, do you wonna talk about it?"  LOL!!!

Her two new favorite songs….

"Crinkle Crinkle Little Star" …. uh yeah, that should read Twinkle but it’s just too cute to correct her so we haven’t.  And her own song of "You my best friend and I love you" repeated over and over again.  Her favorite toy in the entire world right now is the cheap-o $2 pretend microphone we bought at Target.

And I woke up to the most amazing sight this morning, the clones holding hands while sleeping.  I just sat and stared at them for a few minutes before getting up.  Taryn followed me a few minutes later and we watched the most beautiful sunrise ever or if you’re 2 we watched "that big ball in the (s)ky"  =)

Well, I’m off to try and convince my cute husband to put a nail hole in the wall.  He’s escaped it for 2 weeks, our walls are bare and it’s inevitable, even if it does pain him to do it!!!