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Oct 22, 2007
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It took us 2 days but we made it!  It was a rough trip with a bunch of, uhmmmm, chaos, but we are here!  We close first thing this morning and move into the new house this afternoon.  So excited.  And ready.  Poor Taryn is soooo confused, she just keeps crying and saying she wants to go "home".  We try and explain it to her but I just don’t think she gets it yet.  🙁  Hopefully the new house and no more hotel living will help her to adjust.  Ty is just wired, excited and everywhere!  And traveling with a black lab mix, is totally like traveling with another child, after 2 days with Kylie in the front seat of the car with me she’s driving me nuts!  LOL!  I can’t wait to let her loose in the big backyard!

I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JASON!!!  He’s joining me on the dark side ….. bye bye 20’s, helloooo 30!!!  And just what he always wanted on his 30th birthday – a 30 year mortgage!!  Bwahahaha!!!

Happy Birthday honey, I love you =)

  • I’m so glad you made it safely. I feel bad for Taryn, but hopefully she’ll get used to the idea when she gets her room and all of her stuff set up. Happy birthday, Jason!

  • So happy for you guys! I can’t wait until you get settled in and start showing off some pictures of your new space! Congrats!

  • I am so glad you made it safe and sound! Enjoy the new adventure ahead of you and your family!!!

    Happy Birthday Jason!!

  • Yay! So excited for you guys. Have fun in the new house – pictures PLEASE!!!

  • Glad you made it safely! I also feel for Taryn:( Our daughter did that when we moved and it was hard for while. After things get settled and she has her own space (and familiar stuf) again it will probably get better…good luck:)

    Happy Birthday Jason!

  • Congrats & good luck with the closing! Happy Birthday Jason. Hope it doesn’t rain on you today!

  • How exciting! Hope the closing went well and the move-in process was smooth. Happy Birthday, Jason!

  • Woo Hoo!!!

    Poor Taryn :(. It’s hard when they don’t understand. The good thing is that children adjust to almost anything super fast. I’m sure she’ll be back to normal in no time at all 😀

  • Hi there! I was just checking in with your family as I do every now and then, seeing if you made the big move yet! Yay!! Congrats on the new house, the new town, and getting away from the nightmare you lived for the past 2 years. I hope Austin brings you and your family nothing but joy, happiness, smiles and fortune!

  • So glad to hear you made it safely!

  • congrats!!! hope you guys are doing well.

  • Hey Lynds..I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you guys. I hope all is going smoothly.

  • Just wanted to pop in and say that I hope you guys are getting settled in and having a problem free move!