I love the way you say Momma with intensity, with urgency.  “Daddy” is calm, “Taryn” is calm, “Ty” is calm, “Momma” is urgent.  And loud.  And funny.

I love the way you named your blankie “Mae”.  You have no idea that Ty’s lovie when he was a baby was a dog named “Freckle Mae The Wonder Dog” or that when Taryn was born she renamed that dog “Mae Mae”.  What are the odds you’d choose Mae for your lovie too with no encouragment.

I love it when you look at me like this.  I melt into a big pile of mush every single time…..

I love your teeth right now.  I know they won’t stay like this, just like Taryn’s, the will close in as the rest come in.  But right now, I love love love your tooth smiles.

I love that this afternoon you were ready to hang with the big kids and go on any ride we’d put you on.

I love the way you laugh at yourself.  And the way you boogie.  And the way you find your nose, and belly and toes.

I love that our days are filled with random karate chops and hoy-ya’s.

And that when I call your name loud looking for you, half the time you answer back with “Juuuuude” and the other half it’s “Duuuuuude”.

I love it that you loved the beach.  Loved it.  No fear.  No apprehensions.  Just gusto.  I love the face you make when you eat sand…..

and the way you run toward the ocean with all your might, with your funny little run, ready to conquer….

And I love the way you eat ice cream.  With your whole body.  You totally, completely enjoyed it.

I love it that when we went to Build-A-Bear a few nights ago you swiped a pair of glasses off a bear and paraded around the store with them on.  Upside down.  I had to buy them for you.

And I love that those little bear glasses were the finishing piece to your dude outfit for our photoshoot with jodie.  This photo of you, I love, because it’s soooooo you…..

I love all the joy and laughter and life you’ve brought to our family little dude.  You make us all smile so many times a day.  I simply cannot imagine our lives without all that you bring to us.  Today I am thankful for you.