About a week ago I was over reading Jodie Allens blog and found out she was heading to the beach the same time as us.  Turns out we were going to be a few hours apart, but worked it out to meet in the middle and swap sessions on the beach.  I was thrilled to get to meet her and have her photograph my family!  I love her work, she sees beauty in places so many of us overlook.  It about killed me to have her photograph my family and not have one of her “love light” sessions just for me and Jase….I’ve wanted one for.ev.er.  But today was the day we met up.  I was still feeling a bit under the weather, but we made it and I’m so glad we did.  With 6 kids running the beach, it was crazy, but a ton of fun!!!  I know Jodie won’t have any up for awhile, she’s disconnected, and that’s ok, but I couldn’t help but share one of her cute little man as I’m downloading…

Jodie, it was so great to meet you, sorry I was a little sickly, I wish we could have chatted more!!  I absolutely cannot wait to see how you captured my family!!

  • sweet sweet capture of G-man!!! so glad you got to meet jodie… everyone needs to be jodified! 🙂

  • Home and your blog was the first one I ran to to see if there was a sneak peek! YEAH! OMG he looks so cute and somehow you managed to make me look tan (which I’m NOT!) and in a strange way, THIN! HA! Maybe it’s the fact that it’s only a SLIVER of my leg showing and my wrist, which has to be one of my thinnest body parts but whatever! HA!

    Lyndsay, it was AWESOME to meet you and driving away I felt 1. AWFUL for how sick you really were… people she nearly passed out and I’m not exaggerating at all! 2. so frustrated we didn’t really get to hang out or talk at all and 3. so grateful to you for capturing the ONLY photos of my family we got at the beach this year b/c taking my camera AND all three kids to the beach just didn’t happen. EVER.

    Thank you so so so much! Your sneak peek will come SOON I promise! 8 days without internet was AWFUL! 🙂

  • I know how you feel about the Love Light session. That’s how I was! I so desperately wanted one, and then I got one and it was all I hoped for! Maybe one day your dreams will come true too. 🙂
    Great photo of Grayson. He looks so old! Not like a baby anymore. That’s sad, but also exciting too!

  • abbie

    Gray looks so adorable! Let me know if you will have a way for me to view more or purchase images. As the sister of the photographer (Jodie!) I never get any photographer style photos that actually have my sister in them, so I would love to have one that you captured!

  • Ang

    What a beautiful picture of Gray! Can’t wait to see the rest. It’s about time that the Allens had a professional session (HA) and at the beach (a favorite spot, great FL light!). Lyndsay, Jod was so excited to meet you and your family, and to have the great opportunity to shoot you. Thanks for the peek!