I have quite a few sessions that are all finished up and just sitting my que to come blog.  In fact, these have already been delivered but I wanted to backtrack just a bit and come share how big these twin boys are.  Not to mention CUTE!!  I just love Watch Me Grow baby planners….here are their birth (here too) and newborn sneak peeks.

I had a few people ask if they are identical or not and their mom says no, they are fraternal.  While they look a lot alike, I can really tell them apart now at 3 months old (I couldn’t at all at their newborn session!).  You can really see it when they are right nex to one another….

It takes a lot of concentration to be this cute and chubby.  Very serious business….

I posted the above shot in their sneak peek but wanted to share it again along with a different spin on it.  Seriously, could these little hands be any cuter?  The pudgy fingers, the wrists….the cuteness is killing me over here.

they have the cutest nursery and I snagged this quilt from their room to use during their session….

I just love the cheeks in this one!

Can you believe that when I see them again they will be sitting up and on the brink of crawling?!?!