She been tough to capture here lately.  We go through waves of cooperation, we’re in a low.  But, here she is none the less.  99.9% of the time she’s full of energy, imagination, spunky….my little spitfire.  It’s an odd mix because she’s also shy and timid in new situations.  Hides under the table when the doorbell rings.  Fears loud noises. Looks just like her daddy.  Lover of animals.  And fruit snacks.  And art projects.  Asks to go to Seaworld, and Petsmart almost every day.  Loves to help.  She is learning to write her name, that thrills her.  Loves her monkey scissors more than just about anything.  Every time she uses them, she says “I miss GeeGee”….because GeeGee gave them to her.  Loves making one brother laugh, and loves to torture the other.  Asks for a cat  Quiet moments are rare, but I’m thankful to have caught it.