so you guys might think this blog has been all about teagan lately huh? i’ve been posting photos of him a lot. but….this is one of my favorite age to photograph….my days of him being a captive subject are seriously numbered and well….the other two just aren’t all that cooperative (although I will post some shots of taryn tomorrow). let’s say i’m enjoying the end of an era in my house…soon enough, teagan will be able to get away from me too. although there are days i think little dude loves the camera too much to ever look away. he really is a photographers dream, we were M.F.E.O. (made for each other). he is the king of eye contact. it’s true. even at 5 days old, he was workin the camera.

i’ve had this photo sitting on my computer for awhile and couldn’t decide whether or not i should share it. it’s not in focus since he was falling over and i added a little creative “cover”….but check out the dude, the king of eye contact, even when falling! hehehe

i am so proud. thought everyone might enjoy a little laugh from my funny little man =) and i promise to post pics of taryn tomorrow!