1.  last night after a long day, the house was finally quiet.  i plopped into my favorite chair to sit down to work for awhile and wham, i smell smoke.  i start to hear a popping sound and i realize the smoke is coming from my laptop charger.  great, another one down the drain.  7th one in 3 years, grrrrrr.  so i was off line all day today and my wonderful husband drove all the way to south austin to buy the only two chargers for our old version laptops in any apple store in the region.  god love him.

2.  i entertained myself today by torturing teagan….he wasn’t in the mood for once.  a little while before this he took a nose dive from the carpet to the kitchen tile, so i can’t blame him for not being in the mood….he’s the cutest monster i ever did see though….

I’m bound and determined to get one of him in his costume with great big puffy smiling cheeks, dimples and all.

3.  Tomorrow marks the official start of baby season for me.  The first of 11 babies on my calendar is due tomorrow.  11 babies between now and Christmas…..are y’all ready for newborn overload around here?  I am!  I can’t wait!!!

4.  Ty captured my heart yet again this week.  I had Bryan Peterson’s book “Understanding Exposure” sitting out after cleaning out my desk.  He picked it up and read it in 2 days.  So proud of him.  We sat down and talked about the book this afternoon after he got home from school, he immediately came in and picked up the camera, I think so many things just clicked for him reading that book.  He’s dying to give panning a shot!  It’s a great book for beginners or if you wan to learn how to shoot in manual.  It covers all the basics, is easy to understand and just good info.  MC – did he beat ya?  ( MC is my mentee and gave her some homework awhile back 😉 )

5.  my funny girl…eye contact and a smile…yeah buddy!

6.  I so wish I had a photo of Ty to post right here.  Hmmmm, maybe he took some monkey arm self portraits today, I should go swipe his camera card.

7.  Mr Sweet Cheeks

8.  I have a confession.  I’m not a play dough mom.  I tried it once when Ty was a toddler and that crap ended up everywhere, all over the floor, the wall, furniture, clothes, you name it.  Ty was a very busy toddler, even with the best of supervision.  In my own defense, I was a single mom, so elinination of things like play dough for my own sanity, well, it was at times necessary.  Are my children deprived?  Probably.  I’m just not that mom, even though we do crafts / painting / art almost daily.  Anyway, I’m telling you this because it worked out in my favor with Taryn.  When we showed up to her first day of Mother’s Day Out, they have 4 stations set up…yup, you guessed it, one is play dough.  Little T dropped me like a hot potato and dove right in, never looking back as I left her there, only flipping a quick “bye mom” over her shoulder.  Every day, she hightails it straight to the play dough table, strictly business.  She comes home with her little play dough cut outs on a paper plate, usually the pink variety.  The bad news….parents provide the play dough.  And we don’t buy it, we make it.  Greeeeeaat.  Let’s just say this will not be a family project….the play dough fairy will come late one night when our turn comes.  I do not want Little T knowing I know how to make it.  Play dough fairy has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

9.  Teagan gives kisses now.  Sooooo cute.  If you ask him for a kiss he opens his mouth as big as he can and dives for your cheek.  They are a drooly mess but oh so cute.

10.  I am psyched about premier night tomorrow night….Survivor for Ty, The Office aaaaand Grey’s Anatomy…yeah baby, good tv is back!