Feb 28, 2007
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I seem to have a lot of new viewers lately as my blog stats recently have doubled, my counter hit almost 500 yesterday – holy smokes that’s crazy!! Who ever dreamed so many people would be so interested in our little world?! So whoever you are out there, welcome! Feel free to post comments, say hi and ask questions, I’m an open book! I was so astonished by the hit counter here yesterday I decided to check the Giggles n Grins website counter, which I never do because I can never remember my password. I almost fell over when I saw it had over 7000 hits in the last week….uhm wow. Who looks at it? I can’t help but wonder now!?! I updated it last week with some new images, added a few new products and just made it a little prettier if you wonna check it out. Loving having my Ty’s pic be first up, he steals my heart.

And here’s a little something just for you from my peanut…..great big SMOOCHIES!!! We love ya and thanks for checking in on us!


  • Kim

    Super cute outfit!! You always put Taryn in cute stuff!

  • Stunning Lindsay .. I love it – and she is sooooooooooo cute .. Thanks for sharing the kisses!! LOL!!
    WOW – you are gettin popular girl .. keep up the good work!

  • Heather

    Your pictures are amazing!

    I have a question … can you tell me how you started your business? What steps did you have to take?

    You and your family seem like such amazing people.

    Take Care!

  • LOVE that shot, Lyndsay! So cute – do you LOVE that lense? I can only dream….=)

  • Heather T.

    Lyndsay – that picture is so adorable! It’s no surprise people are in love with your site, you are so talented, plus your family is a total joy. I love checking on it several times a day! Hope all is well! Heather

  • Jessica

    I am a nestie who checks your site frequently 🙂 I can’t help it – I LOVE your photography and your kiddos are adorable. Its bookmarked on my computer so I check in every so often. Beautiful work and I am loving all the new Ty pictures. I lived in Austin for a year and am betting you ate at Oasis. Amazing view, crappy food 🙂 Keep the entries coming!

  • Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys!

    We actually bought her outfit while we were in Austin at Macy’s. It’s one of my new favorites. In person her eyes just glow when she wears blue, just like her daddy 🙂

    Heather, I started my business about a year ago not long after getting my first dslr. I started out porfolio building to gain experience. Some of the images you see on my website date back to the beginning. In fact there are two images of Taryn that were several of the first images I ever took with my new dslr. I also made sure that we had the proper forms completed and I’ve built up my presentation materails for clients as the business has grown. I’m lucky in that I haven’t had the need to market, all of my clients have been by referrals and word of mouth. I have the BEST clients!! If you are looking to start a business I highly recommend doing some research. There is a wonderful non-profit organization near us though a University that helps small business get off the ground, free counseling, tons of resources and grant programs to get started. Do some searching and see if there is something similar in your area!

    Anna, I LOVE my new lens. I’d probably kiss it goodnight if my husband wouldn’t glare at me – LOL I sometimes shoot at 1.2 just because I CAN!! HAHA….I always wondered if L glass was really that much better and I truly believe that it is, worth every penny. I’m dying for the 24-70 mm but it’s gonna be awhile. Next of my list though!

    Jessica, we ate at Iguana’s. We heard that there were 3 crappy restaurants on the water and all were crappy food but great views! Even the chips and salsa were bad?? How do you mess up chips and salsa in Texas no less!?

    Thanks for checkin in guys 🙂

  • Stephanie

    *Love* that outfit! She is too cute!

  • Jenn aka MrsEditorJax

    Lyndsay, she just gets more and more gorgeous as she grows! I love that outfit on her!