I seem to have a lot of new viewers lately as my blog stats recently have doubled, my counter hit almost 500 yesterday – holy smokes that’s crazy!! Who ever dreamed so many people would be so interested in our little world?! So whoever you are out there, welcome! Feel free to post comments, say hi and ask questions, I’m an open book! I was so astonished by the hit counter here yesterday I decided to check the Giggles n Grins website counter, which I never do because I can never remember my password. I almost fell over when I saw it had over 7000 hits in the last week….uhm wow. Who looks at it? I can’t help but wonder now!?! I updated it last week with some new images, added a few new products and just made it a little prettier if you wonna check it out. Loving having my Ty’s pic be first up, he steals my heart.

And here’s a little something just for you from my peanut…..great big SMOOCHIES!!! We love ya and thanks for checking in on us!