Feb 27, 2007
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It’s imperfect in almost every technical aspect, and yet to me, it’s perfect in every way.


  • GeeGee

    Too sweet! Isn’t it cool how they love each other so much!! I heard Ty telling his friend, Cade, the other day that he couldn’t do something with him because his sister was sick and Ty described it as…”you know when you love someone soooo much and they’re sick that you just want to stay close to them”. I just kept on driving and acted like I didn’t hear them, but I was so touched at how sweet and thoughtful Ty is. I love that kid!!

  • Heather

    You captured a perfect moment with that picture Lynds. You can just see how in love they are with each other. You can’t ask for more than that. Love ya..Heather

  • Stephanie

    I *love* this picture. Love it.

  • This is so sweet Lyndsey you can really see their connection I don’t see a single thing wrong with it and it should be on BIG CANVAS in your bedroom- That would be nice to wake up to every morning!
    I’ve been following your story since 2005 on The Nest- I got married in Bermuda and had a honeymoon baby too! You are very a inspiring, super strong person and your work rocks! So count me in as one of your daily hits- you’re in my favorites:)
    Stacy (Mrs. Bermuda)

  • I think it’s perfect too!

  • Brittany Delaune

    That is so sweet! I hope to see yall again REALLY soon!

  • Kim (kimminick)

    This picture is perfect. I don’t understand why you say its imperfect in every technical way. The lighting is good and everything. You are amazing (and like Mrs.Bermuda, I’ve been following your story on the Nest as well)