Mar 01, 2007
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The LRA Grant Program states that they don’t expect us to fix our home ourselves, it can be contracted out. But if we did do work ourselves, we are allowed to pay ourselves back for labor costs. This means we got some money for all those long hours Jason put in working on the house doing so much of it himself and I got some for all those hours of painting too. We decided to most of that money towards clothes for everyone, we need them so badly. I did a ton of shopping for the kids online and the first box arrived yesterday from Gymboree for Taryn. She had a complete BLAST going through it all. She got shoes, hats, dresses, capris, tops and even some shades. When she got to the bottom of the box she kept looking at me and saying “More Mommy!”….oh good Lord, what have we done?! With more boxes for both her and Ty due to arrive today, it should be fun….and so many new cute outfits to take pictures in!

  • omg…how stinken cute is that outfit!?!? She is such a little ham! I LOVE the sunglasses.

  • Tracey Kendall

    she is looking so very hip and cool. i was our weather was like that. We are having a HUGE snow storm as we speak. Bring on spring!

  • Oh my gosh Tracy, I’ve been sitting her griping because our AC went out yesterday and it’s so hot in here! The repair guy can’t come until tomorrow. It’s just humid and yuck outside…guess the grass is always greener on the other side huh?

  • Stephanie

    OMG, I’m a gymbo fanatic!!! Love the dress. And WOW at all the hits on your site, you go girl!