My new business plan is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Step by step it’s coming together, and this is just so exciting for me! Steph says I need to dish….so here is a little….

I bought a new website! Yay! I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for my site to go on sale and it finally did in honor of Mother’s Day weekend. But there was a catch, you had to photograph a “mama” holding a sign that says “mama” in order to get the sale price. My solution was to hand off the camera to Jase and see what happened. Here is the answer…..


I can’t believe I’m posting this, but technically, it’s already been published on the world wide web so it may as well be live here on my blog too right?!?! Check out Blu’s Blog to see other mama’s in action. I honestly never thought they would post it! Oh well, it saved me almost $400, totally worth it!!

Motherhood is crazy, there are some days it is anyway. And silly. And fun. And there are a million things about motherhood that are unexpected. This photograph says that to me….LOL! Ty swears I used the liquify tool to do that to my face, but, I am proud to say that this is all me, I make that face often, it makes Taryn giggle. I love that you can see her cheeks puffed up on the side because she’s smiling and Ty, oh my silly boy.

Alright, back to the dish….the part that is not a secret anyway…..

I signed the contract for my new website today. I am also THRILLED to have signed a contract today with a fabulous musician to have the right to use her music on my website and for other business purposes….her style is fun and captures the essence of childhood, it’s everything I was looking for!

I’ve also renamed the business…..announcement on that coming soon, it’s not quite ready yet, but I love it, just love it. Domain names purchased to protect it….it’s all coming together and I’ll be able to work on it here and there over the summer while I’m off.

I also have 2 big projects I’m working on this summer that will help define the direction of both my photography and my business… little secrets. The first one is with the fabulous Philip. It’s set for the end of May, so excited, I can barely wait!! The second project will be with little Alexis later in the summer….I have big plans for her too! Thankfully, I’ve managed to talk all the mom’s and dad’s into giving me creative control in exchange for lots of free pics – love that! Here they are in all their cuteness (both pics from previous sessions last year) =)

Rapp11cropweb B03web_2

Alright Steph – that’s all your gettin for now – LOL!!