6413web_2School is almost out, it’s almost that time. On the inside, 99% of me is jumping for joy. That tiny little 1% says “I’m gonna be so stinkin tired”! Summer means endless hours at the pool, going to the library, playing outside, popcycles, inside outside inside outside, riding bikes, skyrocketing grocery bills to feed a growing boy, and the endless “Mom, can I . . . ” (just fill in the blank with anything you could imagine) LOL I can’t wait to have him home. I can’t wait for the daily homework battles to end and have more peace in my life. I can’t wait to not have to worry about whether his school uniform is clean for the next day. Summer is almost here….5 days. Ok, so Jason would say 6. Ty and I are round down kind of people, Jason is a round up kind of person. Taryn is going to LOVE having her brother home, she has no idea what is coming her way. I’ve found myself sticking pretty close to home this week, just because I know for the next 8 we’ll be going like crazy.

I went and pulled this photograph out of my “need to proof” file. This file on my computer is getting pretty big, over 1300 files in it – YIKES! I’ve never been that far behind in proofing my own personal pictures! I took this a few months ago at sunset.

Thanks for stopping in….I’m off to enjoy the day with the little one!