The birthday buddies. On Judes birthday we were at Hollywood studios. I have no idea why we thought it was smart to save cake and gifts until after we got home. It was such a long, hot, day that we were all dead on our feet when we got home. We watched him open a few gifts, shoved cake in our faces, I took one blurry pic and we all went to bed and slept 10+ hours! I’m so proud of this kid. And I can’t believe he’s 13 already!

Two days later Z turned 4. His big gift was our day at Hollywood Studios but he still had a few small gifts to open, including a $1 hot wheel car from Jonah that he was completely thrilled over. 🥰

A few weeks ago I asked Zachary what he wanted for dinner on his birthday. He immediately blurted out: ICE CREAM! GEE GEE TOLD ME I COULD ASK FOR THAT!!!! Almost as though it was all one word 🤣😂 Thanks mom! So, that’s what we did and he loved it! Plus, word got out in the campground with all of Jonah’s friends and now Jase and I have total street cred as being the coolest parents ever according to @the_partyof6 🤣 On that note, we are totally starting Whole 30 again on Monday only I told the kids it’ll be a whole 300!