Tonight we drove over to Titusville to view the Space X Falcon 9 launch and it was AMAZING! The launch didn’t start until almost 11 pm but the kids did so great after a rough day today. It took a ton of research to figure out where to catch a night launch since most of the parks and best viewing spots are closed this time of night. But some locals sent us to the perfect spot!

We tried going to Space View Park in Titusville. It was easy parking and a short walk to the viewing seats but the view was blocked by fencing, flag poles and a huge crane. There was one good spot to set up a tripod for a photo and it was at taken. Locals directed us to the best viewing area for the Space X rocket launch and I’ll post those gps coordinates below. It was perfect. Benches to sit on, easy parking and a pier to walk out on that was safe for kids. It’s directly across from the launch pad with a perfect view. Thankful we found it since Playalinda and Jetty were closed for the night launches.

This was such a cool experience and ranks pretty high on our bucket list. I can’t wait to share the video on this one!