Feb 26, 2007
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Got my laptop back! Woohoo! And it was only a $169 fix, can’t beat that! I’ve been working like a mad woman to catch up on all my client proofing and emails. I’m sooooo behind and so thankful for having very, very understanding clients!

Here are a few pictures that Ty took at a park while we were in Austin. Can I just say how proud I am of him? Ok, and maybe a little jealous. I really like his perspective.

When we found out we would be visiting, we immediately called my in-laws and Jason’s grandparents to see if they wanted to meet us there. They live in Corpus Christi and we were just going to be too close for them to turn down the opportunity. We had a quick but great visit and Taryn warmed right up to them even though it had been awhile. Here is Taryn with her Grandpa. I think it’s my favorite…



Taryn getting a little help from her Great Grandpa…




I’m pretty proud of him for catching this shot. He saw them through the jungle gym on the other side, stopped to snap the shot and managed to freeze the motion without blur. And he caught them emotion on both of their faces. That rocks!


And I’ll leave you tonight with this….yet another example of why I love my husband so much!


I have a bunch that I took too but no time to proof them just yet 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  • WOW! – this message is for TY ..
    These are amazing – you are very talented! Keep up the good work .. I love the composition in these ..
    Lindsay – I love that you two can share this .. I hope that DS will someday be interested in this as well!

  • Omgosh, Ty! Those are great 🙂 It looks like you are getting good at capturing true expressions and not fake smiles. I love how you captured Taryn in the air, that is a fabulous shot and sometimes very hard to get.

  • Wow Ty!! Amazing! I actually got goosebumps looking at the photos and knowing that they were captured by a 9 yr old!! You are great, your mom has her competition living under her own roof!! LOL!

    Can’t wait to see you on Saturday Lyndsay!

  • Ty is shaping up to be a fantastic photographer. I think you’d better start hiding the camera Lyndsay – that’s tough competition.

    I love the first shot. My other favourites are the one of Taryn going up in the air and the last photo – I have tons of my husband like that too…

  • Great pics Ty!

    Love that last one…reminds of my husband! What a big kid:)

  • Brittany Delaune

    Yes, tell Ty he did an awesome job! LOL I love the one of Jason. Thats hilarious! Hope yall are doing well! Tell Ty I love him!! Love his big sis!!!