i mentioned in 10 on tuesday this morning that we are trying to transition teagan to one nap a day.  it went well over the long weekend.  but.  there were a lot of people home = more distractions.  there were parties and a loud brother and even louder sister to help him forget it was time to nap.  this morning, well, it’s just me and him with the big kids in school and daddy back at work.  it started pretty innocent.  he grabs his favorite binky, and then his blankie and spreads it out on the floor…

but as soon as he did that, i knew what was coming next.  it is sweet and pitiful all at the same time.  he starts to love it, bury his face in it and kiss it with a great big MMMMWAH!

quickly, I decided to shift gears and take him with me to go get dressed, gotta leave the house, mom isn’t interesting enough to distract from how tired you are little man.  but all he wanted to do was get up on the bed and snuggle his blankie.

poor little man.  you just want to sleep. and cuddle.  ohhhh, the big blue eyes.  you’re killing me….

i feel so mean.  cause i know what’s coming next….big blue puppy dog eyes….

i couldn’t take it.  i scouped him up and carried him to his crib where he let out a big sigh of relief and went straight to sleep.

i’m so weak.

tomorrow taryn will be home, so we’ll be good.  but thursday, i need a plan.  the pool, IKEA, something.  cause i can’t take the big blue puppy dog eyes.