1.  We had a great Memorial Day weekend filled with great friends and food and several parties and long walks and longer naps (even for me!) and tired kiddos.  Perfect way to start the summer.

2.  Teagan has mastered the art of the evil laugh.  Cutest.Thing.Ever.  I’ve got to get it on video.

3.  You know what this equals?

Lots of this….

yeah buddy!

4.  He’s cutting four, FOUR, teeth at once right now.  Ouch.


6.  If you are thinking about booking a session this summer, contact me soon!  My calendar is just about full, with just a few spots open between now and August.

7.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments and emails on the new birth photography website!  If you are interested in birth photography mentoring, email me at lstradtner@mac.com to be put on the waiting list.  Mentoring is only available to those photographers who live / work at least 2 hours outside of the Austin area.  Space will be limited and the program will start this summer.  More details coming soon, I promise!

8.  I absolutely cannot wait for Conan to come back.  Can’t wait.  I will admit that Jase and I cracked up last night watching Jay Leno…it’s going to be a fun week to watch him too.

9.  We are trying to transition Teagan to one nap a day before summer is in full swing.  Mostly because our kids seem to be going in 3 different directions and our schedule is a nightmare.  As a result, he’s been sleeping in just a bit longer in the mornings.  Well the other morning Taryn was none too pleased about it.  We were rudely awoken to her swinging open our bedroom door, feet planted, hands on hips with a “HEY GUYS, what are you tryin’ to do, STARVE ME?!“.  Oh good grief 3 year olds are fun.