Fall has managed to find it’s way to Central Texas and our house.  To this I say ‘Thank God’ and ‘Adios 110 temps!’

I love this time of year.  So crisp, the smells, the fresh air, temps you can actually go outside in, pumpkin spice latte’s, fall crafts and projects.  Our family embraces it in a big way….




our front door…..this is the kids new favorite spot, they gravitate here.  Teagan loves to pat the scarecrow on the top of its head, rearrange the pumpkins, sit on the haystack and fiddle till his little heart is content.


Jase loves fall projects too….he and the kids made these.  We still need to put the lights in them but they turned out great and so easy to do!


And imagine my surprise when I came home from working this weekend and found they had all made this super cool haunted house out of an old box.  It even lights up!  I was super impressed!


There are too many things about this shot that I love to list.  Way too many.


And my other fave thing about fall at our house….the view from our living room as the sun rises each morning.  Its a blessing and a curse.  Obviously, the blessing is how beautiful it is….the curse?  I’m up early enough to see it.  Ha, not really.  I do love my sleep, but our family is adjusting to a new whopper of a schedule starting this week.  Oh how I miss my precious morning sleept.  But, I think I can say this is my new favorite part of the day when we enjoy it as a family each morning….


Happy fall y’all!