I got up later than usual this morning, spotted a beautiful day outside and my messy house inside, and told the children to get dressed in a hurry then report to the kitchen to help fix a picnic lunch.  It was in the 60’s, cool, clear, pretty and the weather is supposed to be yuck the rest of the week.  I’m tired of being inside, cooped up, cleaning only for another mess to pop up seconds later.  Ty needed to get out too, he’s not used to staying home so much.  Only a few more weeks until he can shed the sling and drive again post-op.  So, we fixed our picnic lunch and headed up to Waco.  Ty and I have been wanting to visit the Magnolia Homes shop from the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  It was SO COOL.  I wanted to buy every single thing in the store.  I did buy a few things, such a fun place.  Then we hit the park for a picnic and then the Waco Zoo.  I love that zoo.  It’s big enough to be nice and small enough to walk through in 2 hours.  It’s set up perfectly for toddlers, Jonah could see everything and the animals are fairly close.  I brought the stroller but he ended up walking the entire zoo.  His little legs were working overtime but he kept up with the big kids!  Wore his little butt out!  We had such a great time exploring.  It was a beautiful day and not crowded at all with public school back in session.  We have two more weeks off before our homeschool starts for the year.  We are going to pack in as much relaxing and purging and exploring as we can in to that time!