Apr 08, 2007
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My mom had her annual Easter egg hunt yesterday and it was a blast!!!! Here is one of the invites we did this year =) They were a hit, all the kids loved getting mail.


Tons of food, games, crafts, an egg hunt, a great big prize table and of course a visit from our favorite bunny!!

I have a TON of pics to proof but have to proof a few client sessions first. These will be a blast to go through though, so much fun stuff! So here they are, 9 of the 11 grandchildren, the Gee Gee & the bunny….


Thanks Gee Gee for another great Easter egg hunt!!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter, thanks for stopping in!

  • Janet Stradtner-Grandma

    What being a daddy will make you do!!! Would have never guessed I would see our son dressed as the Easter Bunny…How wonderful…Looks as if everyone had a great time…I know Gee Gee had plenty of fun and games…Who found the Golden Egg? Can’t wait to see more pictures…Grandma

  • Hey Lyndsay, What a fun picture. You captured all the fun and chaos of 9 children in one shot!!! Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Dana

  • THIS IS GREAT! Your hubby is a saint! This reminds me of the end of Steel Magnolias- So cute:)

  • oh my gosh- that invite was just perfect!!

  • We had soooooooooooooooo much fun! It’s only twice a year that we get all the cousins together and they have a BLAST playing together! I love watching them play and interact. It was Taryn’s first year that she was able to be in the middle of it all…..and she held her own real good! And Jason is one awesome bunny! He is such a cool Dad! Thank you, Jason, for making this year’s event EGSTRA SPECIAL!!

    p.s. We missed you Grandma Janet & Grandpa Gary!!