You guys wonna hear a good mommy moment? I’m one of the room moms for Ty’s class so Taryn and I went up to the school on Thursday to help with the class easter egg hunt and party (which was a blast by the way)! Afterwards, Ty just came home with us. We get in the car and he tells me “Mom, I just had the best day today!”. “Yeah, the party was fun huh?”. To which he says, “Yeah, the party was great, but do you know why I had such a good today? It’s because at recess I was playing on the swings and the wind was blowing the right way. I looooove that, when the wind blows the right way and it makes you go higher than just any old other day.”


He makes me wish I was 9 again.


Isn’t this just the coolest wall? Ty, Taryn and I went out Friday morning scouting for good locations to shoot while Ty is on spring break. We were driving through town when Ty spotted this wall….isn’t it fabulous!? Ty and I went back to take a few shots after Jason got home that night. I did the next image for Ty for his class. Each week a different class member gets to be featured on a special board in the classroom. You have to send in pictures and share information about your child. I thought this would be a cool one to send in….whatchathink?



I’m having a love / hate relationship with this image. I love the idea of it, I’m just not sure I pulled it off. My eye can’t decide where to go, Ty, the window, the sun. There might just be too much going on and something seems off in the color, or maybe it’s the shadows. Hmmmmm…but I still love it.