WCA Cubing Nationals 2023 day 3! It was finally Jonah’s turn to compete! He qualified for 4 events but only signed up for 2 as we missed the cutoff date. He did so well and hit his main goal of solving his 3×3 in sun 19 seconds! He was pretty excited! And it was a new PR (personal record). He even solved on the big stage in front of a huge crowd that had gathered to see Max Park. Jonah has nerves of steel, tons of eyes on him and it’s no big deal. The second photo is my fave, this is Jonah at comps. Surrounded by friends, old and new, some from the east coast, some from the west. He wants to spend every single second with friends. 1200 competitors means 1200 friends if you’re Jonah.

Project 365:   7/365