Well this doesn’t feel like Texas. Driving in we were greeted with Buffalo and the canyon stunned us all. So beautiful! Our spot is amazing and we are so excited to explore over the next couple of days!

I sent this one on a “needs an attitude adjustment” hike. I might have yelled “I HOPE A BUFFALO DOESN’T EAT YOU! I LOVE YOU!” as she stomped off. She wasn’t amused. But she came back much happier and declared that she found a canyon just 20 yards behind our spot. So she grabbed her camera and we all went exploring with her in the lead.

The view just 20 yards behind our RV! We love this place so much! ⠀

This place has stunned the kids. It’s so beautiful. We have loved seeing how excited they are at every turn, every stop. I’m thankful we came here before the Grand Canyon so they can see how beautiful it is without an ounce of comparison.

There are huge fields of prairie dogs at Caprock Canyon. They are so entertaining to sit and watch. They definitely let me know when I got to close, they all hunkered in their holes, peeked out and started to bark at me!

It was SO windy our first day at Caprock Canyon. Jason set him down for a second so I could take a pic and he was promptly knocked over by the wind. He’s fine but he definitely gave his dad a big WTH look! We had gusts between 25 mph and 40 mph!

Bison unimpressed. 😂 The rest of us are totally impressed though! There are bison roaming all over this campground and they are huge! It’s seriously one of the coolest things to just see them roaming by!

The only thing better than an unimpressed bison, is a rainbow unimpressed bison!

When we are driving along and I say “Who wants to get out and take a picture?!” …. Jonah is always the first to volunteer because it means unbuckling from his carseat. Jonah is alllll about unbuckling!

Pretend you can hear Jonah protesting from the truck window that he didn’t get to unbuckle for this one! 😂

Dust storm layers.

3 days was the perfect amount of time to dive in and enjoy this beautiful spot on earth.

When we arrived the park ranger told us to stay 50 feet away from the bison. When we were checking out today I overhead them say 50 yards to a new camper. UHM, that’s a big difference! This one was walking down the road as we drove through and Jonah got a close up look!

“Everybody wants a water buffalo, mine is fast and yours is slow!” This song has been a constant in this family all week and I cannot get it out of my head!

We snuck in a hike on Eagle Point Trail before leaving Caprock Canyon to head north to Palo Duro.

We stopped by the Ranger Station at Caprock Canyon to finish up the Jr. Ranger Program on our way out. The kids really enjoyed this one and got another badge for their collections!

Oh Texas, we do love you.  Next stop, Palo Duro and Amarillo.