My new ultimate favorite shot.

I’ve had this shot in my head for awhile and I finally found just the right chair (for $8!!!), the right field and the right chubby little guy for it to happen.  A huge thanks to his willing parents for not only driving so far, but also trudging through the mud with not one, but two babies, to get this shot.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t post one of his counterpart and partner in crime.


Love these boys.  Love them.  I photographed them as newborns, and since then I’ve been a loyal reader of their blog.  Their mom blogs with honesty and humor and I really feel like I’ve watched them grow up day by day over the last 6 months.  I can honestly say that I think their momma takes more photos than I do.  I love that!!

We also got shots of them together and some great family shots, but I’m saving those for their gallery and don’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises!  Thanks for coming out guys, it was great to see you all again!