It’s a bit crazy around here.  3 crazy kids and running a photography business during the busiest time of the year can be pretty overwhelming.  All of you photographers out there know what I mean and are whispering ‘amen’ under your breath right?  Every year, it never fails, you pull a bunch of all nighters, live off of coffee and mountain dew (I’m looking at your Jodie), plant your kids in front of the tv a little more than usual, call on family and friends to help you just make it through.  Meanwhile, your husband is just hoping and praying that someday, eventually, his wife will pull herself out of the mess and pile of work and re-emerge again in some sort of recognizable form similar to the person he married.  A few photographer friends have looked at me with the all knowing, are you crazy doing a fundraiser NOW?!, it’s OCTOBER!! look in their eyes.  So why on earth have I added more to my plate during this time of year by doing a charity fundraiser????  I’ve asked myself that several times too.  Here is the answer.

1)  It’s a good cause.

2)  I love it.

but most of all….

3)  Because it makes me laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh some more.  The outtakes keep me going.  I mean, can’t you just hear her thoughts….”this is soooooooo humiliating……..seriously”  HA!  How can you look at this and NOT LAUGH?!


dear grumpy peacocks mom, don’t worry, we got a happy one too!


To all those who participated in the fundraiser, if your child provided us with an outtake, you WILL be getting more than one photo!!  The much needed comedic relief between client proofing and packaging orders is keeping me going better than coffee or mountain dew ever could!