1.  All our kids woke up at 6 am this morning.  Two, and I’ll let you guess which two, were screaming.  By 8 am, Teagan announced “Momma!!!!!  I so grouchy”  LOL!!!  It sounded so funny coming out of his mouth!  But he was right on, it was true!

2.  I love the way Taryn says “armadillo”…..”arm-a-jello”.  We try and work it into family conversation daily.  No easy task, try it sometime.  Totally worth it around here.

3.  We’re having our family photos taken this weekend coming and I haven’t even given a first thought to what we are going to wear.  If I were to stop and think about it, I would totally panic!!!  Anyone want to dress us???

4.  A photographer friend, Nicole, posted this recipe on her facebook feed the other day.  We tried it tonight and it was sooooo delish.  Definite hit at our house we’ll be having again and again.

5.  You know what babylegs are good for?  Dressing up a broken arm.  For real.  T’s cast is scratchy and rough and a quick little babyleg to cover it up and voile!  Stylin’, soft and it stays dry if it starts to rain when we are out and about.

6.  My latest etsy purchase…..this.  It came today and I love it!

7.  I really wanted to buy these too but showed a bit of restraint.  Honestly, restraint only goes so far….cause I bought this too.

8.  I updated the For Sale page to add some Pottery Barn Twin Size Bedding.  There are a few other things still available if you want to take a peek.

9.  Clients, if you’ve placed your order recently, check your email & watch your mail!  Jase and I pulled a late night last night and all orders have been completed, packaged and are shipping out tomorrow.  Finally all caught up in that regard.  I’m working on this little cuties proofs now and then watch for the halloween fundraiser photos, lots of those coming!  I also have lots of personal and family stuff to share, including photos of baby jack, our trip to the pumpkin patch and even a little tea party from way back when we visited my mom.  Lots to share, just need more hours in my day!!

10.  Ah, I’ll be in big trouble if I don’t post at least one fundraiser photo.  What to post?…..What to post?  This cute little bumble bee caught my eye 😉