This is not my idea or my project, it is one of the many cool things Taryn brings home from pre-k.  I absolutely adore her teacher and will miss her during the 6 months between when Taryn starts kindergarten and Teagan starts pre-k.  They do a lot of cool things with the kids but I really love this one so I thought I’d share for all my Texas bluebonnet loving momma friends =)

How easy is this, and super cute.  A simple green line and then the bluebonnets and leaves are her fingerprints.  Jase said he remembers doing something similar as a kid but they used a bit of blue dye, a plastic baggie and some popcorn and glue to do the flowers.  Cute, but I have issues with storage of craft projects with food (always =’s bugs, ick).  Anyway, I think I’m going to put this one in a frame somewhere I love it so much.