1.  My kids are in an ‘outside’ mode all.the.time.  It is so much easier this year now that Teagan is a toddler to be outside all the time.  Mother’s Day was spent digging in the mud, planting in our flower bed, getting dirty and just hanging outside.  Teagan can dig a mean hole.  And by dig I mean throw the shovel around in the mulch and make a huge mess.  HA!  But he loves it.  This photo of he and Jase together isn’t in focus but it totally cracks me up!  And Taryn took the photo of Ty on the tricycle doing a Taryn impression, funny stuff.

2.  I swear we can give the kids a bucket of water, a couple of sponges and scrub brushes and some random item (bird bath, bikes, a wagon) to clean and they are entertained for at least an hour.  Even Teagan.  They love it.  Maybe it’s the bubbles?!  I don’t know but it’s my new go-to trick to keep them busy when my brain is exhausted.

3.  T’s class did the CUTEST bluebonnet art project at school – it came home from being on display this afternoon.  I’m going to blog about it tomorrow, so cute!

4.  After 2 weeks of dance, Taryn tells me tonight she doesn’t want to go to ballet anymore.  What is that about?!  We’re going.  Maybe she’ll snap out of it.

5.  At the playground this afternoon Teagan climbed all the way to the top of the play scape and went down the big, long, twisty slide.  When he got to the bottom I had to look at him and laugh.  He looked a little pale and his eyes were bugging out of his head.  I said “you alright bud?”….”uhhhyeah”.  All one word.  HA!

6.  On our way to pick up Taryn from school today I overhead Teagan talking to his blankie in the backseat…..”Blankie, youa good blankie….I love you….you messy blankie….mwah…mwah…mwah”.  I don’t think love begins to describe it.  Funny kid.  And speaking of blankie, I heard a banging noise in the house this morning.  I went to investigate and found this.  Teagan with all 3 of his blankies, chillin in the kitchin kicking cabinets.

7.  The sleep apnea is still kicking his butt.  It shouldn’t be.  It should have gone away.  We have a follow up appointment next week to figure out what is going on with them.  I swear the kids a big puzzle and the pieces just don’t all fit together.  All I know is that at his age, he shouldn’t be non-functional by 9:30-10 am after a full night sleep and a long nap every single afternoon.  Not just tired, exhausted.  Poor little dude.

8.  My step dad is having another surgery this week.  He and my mom are already at the hospital doing all the pre-op stuff this week and the surgery to remove some of the pressure from his spinal cord is on Friday.  Any thoughts and prayers for them during this time would be much appreciated!

9.  weather.com hates me.  I’d swear by it.  I’m watching the weather closely this week as I had 6 sessions scheduled total.  I know the minute I reschedule any one of them, the sky will turn blue and the chance of rain will go from 60 to 0% in a hot minute.

10.  I’ve been sitting here for 11 hours, naptime ran until right before Ty and Jase got home so I’ve had a nice long work marathon today.  I think Jase could see the stress and mile long to do list in my eyes when he got home because took the kids to half-price books and then to dinner to give me some quiet time to work.  I got a lot done but my eyes are starting to cross.  Time for bed!