It was a lot of fun to surprise this momma and so fun to photograph this family….I loved every.single.second of it.  The good news is, she not only forgave me for the lie I told her but she’s also quickly filling up my “happy” file folder in my inbox with kind words and wonderful, thoughtful emails.  Em, thank you for making me feel so good about what I do!

Now to the pics!  Little miss and I are very close friends now, just ask her, she’ll tell ya 😉  I love love love getting emails from her momma about her funny little conversations about our time together.

And this little guy, one of the happiest toddlers I’ve ever met!  How can he be a toddler, I just blinked and he was a newborn…

I love the shots of just mom and dad!  These…..are my favorites though.  Some of my most favorite sibling shots ever….I want some of this like my kids!

I love this one, Donny is such an amazing Dad.  His love and attention to these two kiddos shows every second they are together.

Another fave….cute little man….

Emily & Donny, thank you for showing up with your hearts on your sleeves, for giving me a beautiful glimpse into your family and love for your children.  I love the way you just soak them in and how you are constantly enthralled with how beautiful, fun and loving they are.  You made my job easy and I hope you love your photographs!