Teagan is doing really well.  I don’t think we fully realized just how bad he felt before his surgery, we can see a huge difference in him already.  He’s all over the place, into everything, talking lots and even body slammed his sister yesterday.  It was as though he’d been waiting till he felt better, and when he did, watch out girlfriend, take that!  It’s funny to see a little of it come back to her now and then, cause boy can she dish it out!!  She didn’t even know what to do when he slammed in to her, all she could do was laugh.

Anyway, we took him out for a bit tonight for some fresh air.  We have an amazing bluebonnet field right by our house this year.  I’ve been nervous about it being mowed because they’ve had big mowers out there, but we made it in time, so pretty.Teagan was even up for a few….my, oh, my what a difference a year makes.

and these were taken a few days ago.  my favorite girls….they have changed and grown so much over this past year too.

I have so many more, but no time to go through them all.  Someday when I’m all caught up

((and before anyone posts telling me it is illegal to pick bluebonnets, it isn’t.  it is frowned upon.  i checked 😉  and a 3 year old doesn’t get it anyway.  we brought them home and put them in water, so they are being well loved, promise.))