I have to brag on Ty a little here today.  I am just soooo proud of him.  He brought his report card home yesterday and brought every.single.grade up.  Every one.  All A’s and B’s.  I’m so proud him, he’s worked hard.  Way back when, I opted to put Ty in transitional first grade to let him catch up socially and emotionally due to his late birthday.  It was a great decision at the time, but now that he’s approaching middle school, it has brought on a few challenges.  He is incredibly smart, very bright, makes friends easily and is very social.  But he’s always in a hurry to rush through and get the next thing.  He gets bored easily and knows the material he is studying, but gets bored and antsy with things that are too easy for him.  We’re working on it and I’m so pleased with his grades.  But if that wasn’t enough….he also brought home his Reading TAKS scores (Texas Standardized Tests that are required for promotion to the next grade).  Wait for it……he didn’t miss a single question.  Not one.  Zero incorrect.  100% correct.  That flippin rocks!  I am so proud of him!!  While our family is of the belief that these standardized tests are more of a reflection of test taking skills than a true reflection of what our child is learning and retaining, we do understand that they have their place.  He achieved a “commended” status.  And he double checked his name on the paper last night at least a dozen times 😉

This is a photo from February that I never shared.  He looks so grown up even though it sure feels like yesterday he was as big as Teagan is here.  He is such an awesome kid.  So funny.  And thoughtful.  He has such a bright future in front of him.  I know he’ll do something great with his life.  And he’ll do it his way, without a doubt.  I’m sure there will be moments that are not good for his momma’s heart, but I am so, so proud of the young man he is becoming right before our eyes.