The first day of school.  On a Friday!  That just seems wrong to us!  I’m normally doing my first day of school, no more crazy summer camp schedule, my grocery bill will drastrically reduce, thankful to return to a routine of any kind, happy dance.  But I’m sad about it this year.  So is Little T.  But he’s excited.  And very, very nervous.  New school, he moves up to middle school.  No more elementary.  Most of the same kids, but a different format.  More than one teacher per day, he starts earlier this year and gets out earlier.  They will expect more, no more written homework sheets coming home to parents, it’s all him.  He had a rough year last year, I hope this one is better.  He’s incredibly smart.  Honestly, smarter than we realized.  We knew he wasn’t putting his all into his work last year and wasn’t reaching his full potential.  It was frustrating for all of us.  So when we received his iLEAP (Louisiana Tests) scores over the summer we were shocked.  Stunned is more like it.  He received top marks across the board, and was ranked in the top 3%-5% in the STATE for several subjects.  His teacher had predicted he would have trouble taking a standardized test.  Uhm, wow.  We knew he wasn’t happy in his class last year, he thrives with structure, and his class wasn’t run that way, so he suffered.  We plan to be proactive this year after learning some hard lessons last year and are requesting a good teacher/student match to help get him into a more structured environment this year.  I really hope it helps.  And I hope he has a great first day today!

Can you tell he’s nervous (ok, ok, and a little annoyed by the camera) =)


there he goes….


Whoops….he forgot to give someone a hug….so back he comes!


hehehe…this totally cracks me up and warms my heart


So, it’s now 9:15 and we both miss him like crazy.