Nov 10, 2007
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In some ways it feels like so much longer (in a good way!) and in others it feels like just yesterday we had our feet in the sand in Hawaii saying "I do".  So much has happened in 3 years, we found out right after our honeymoon that we came home with a little souvinere from Hawaii, now named Taryn 😉  Being pregnant and having her in the first year of marriage seemed like a lot, then 2 weeks after she was born Jason’s adoption of Ty was finalized, 3 weeks after that, the storm hit and everything changed big time.  Living away from home for months, in various places, with both sets of in-laws, rebuilding the house over the next few years and all the challenges that brings.  Starting a new photography business.  Deciding to go for baby Stradtner #3, selling our home, a big move to Texas, new schools, new job for Jason.  I think it’s safe to say that life at the Stradtners has been anything but boring!  It’s been fun, chaotic and thankfully, filled with love every step of the way.

Happy Anniversary Jase, I love you and marrying you was the best decision I ever made.


  • Awe, happy anniversary! You guys have been anything BUT boring.. Thank you for sharing your “life in motion” w/ us all… I think you are an incredible family and inspire more people than you know =)

  • tlbpt

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  • Happy Anniversary! It sure has been an interesting journey, huh?! I wish nothing but eternal happiness and joy for your family!

  • Shey

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  • GeeGee

    Happy Anniversary, Lynds and Jase! I must admit I, too, have had Hawaii on my mind today. It was such a fabulous beginning to your married life! Your love is obviously strong and true to have made it through all that you have in the past 3 years. But, you know, at least from my point of view there has been far more happiness and good things, than bad. And the tough times certainly made you stronger and you know that together you can get thru anything! I’m so glad Jason came into your life …. even if you did meet because of your first flooded home. God has a plan for your family and hopefully its “smooth sailing” for a while! I love you all !


  • Happy Anniversary!!!! Thanks for sharing your world with all of us. I wish you all the joy and happiness. Your mom is right, you two can go through anything together.

  • Heather

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  • Happy Anniversary Lyndsay and Jason.. You guys are such an inspiration of what marriage is all about.. sticking together through the good and the bad and always hold on to each other for support and comfort.
    I wish you many more years of happiness for you and your adorable family..

  • Erin

    Happy Anniversary!! From the Knot/Nest to your blog, I have to say that your life has definitely not been boring:) All that stuff in 3 years…you guys have come a LONG way!!

    P.S. We celebrate 3 years on Tuesday:)

  • Autumn

    Happy Anniversary you 2!!!! You are an amazingly strong and beautiful family…I hope your move brings nothing but happiness and smiles to your life!

  • Nancy

    Jason and Lyndsay,
    Happy Anniversary….so happy for the both of you. And Jason, a very belated birthday to you. I joined the dark side as Lyndsay calls it, yesterday. 🙂 Many blessings to the family on your new adventures in Austin. And can’t wait to see the new baby.

  • Happy Anniversary =)