Nov 12, 2007
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While riding in the car…..

Taryn:  Mommy, what do you think of me?
Mommy:  ((smiling))  T, I think you’re fabulous.

She stops and thinks about this a minute…..

Taryn:  ((very matter of fact)) and cute.
Mommy:  Yes, you are fabulous and cute!


  • Oh my. That is just beyond cute.

  • tlbpt

    OMG, she is too funny!! And definitely fabulous and cute:)

  • Another priceless conversation. 🙂

  • GeeGee

    I don’t remember any 28 month old having conversations like Taryn does! She is funny and so smart (I’m the GeeGee so I can say that!) She also is so aware of what pregnancy is…. when she noticed the lady at Target who was going to have a baby and told her y’all were having a baby too! And that her baby was a boy! What a smart big sister she will be!!

  • Soo Taryn!! that little girl does have a fun personality!!

  • Amanda/pbear

    awww little T, she’s right because she IS cute.