Sorry for the lack of posts guys….we’re still settling in and it really stinks only being connected to the world wide web through your closet.  Lovin the new house but it still feels very cookie cutterish.  It’s not "us" yet.  I keep telling Jason I’m drowning in a sea of blah builder beige.  I need color!  And soon!

First up, the new do.  Her bangs are so crooked (we’ll be looking for a new stylist next go around), but she loves not having hair in her face all the time….



and my funny face, silly girl…


And now for the ewwwwww….

Jason walked into the kitchen the other night, looked me right in the eyes and said "don’t freak out".  I noticed right away his face was ghostly white.  A second look revealed a garbage bag in one hand and a hammer in the other.  Now when someone says to you, don’t freak out and looks like that, your very first inclination is to totally freak out.

One word.  Scorpion.


In the laundry room.  He walked in there and it was on the floor.  He grabbed a screw driver to kill it at first, thinking he didn’t want to break a tile, then decided to go for the hammer, screw the tile!!!  That thing needed to die!

Ewww  Ewww  Ewww

I just kept standing in the hallway the night it happened and saying "there was a scorpion here and you want me to put a new baby there"  (the nursery and laundry are next to one another).  Uh-huh, no way.  Mr. Terminex got a call the very next day and came to our rescue.  He is
my friend and will be every 90 days for the rest of our time in Texas.
He could have charged me whatever he wanted to spray my house, and I’d
have paid it.  And all I can say is thank God the critter made an appearance while Jason was home to kill it, because if it had just been me and Little T at home, I’d have left the house until someone came to our rescue.  Ewwwwww (sorry had to throw one last ewww in there)!