We hit the orange groves at Showcase of Citrus literally hours before we hit the road out of Orlando. I put it off until the last day when we had a million other things to do but I’m SO glad we snuck it in! I’m counting these photos as both Jude and Zachary’s birthday session and I’m completely in love with every last photo.

This little guy is 1! He’s so bright and smart. He loves to dance and thinks walking is the most hilarious thing ever. If he’s walking, he’s laughing. He’s constantly looking for Jonah, loves to dance with Jude, and snuggle with his Sissy. He’s a daddy’s boy, and likes to have Jason in sight. He’s obsessed with nursing. And being outside. And strawberries, avocado and bubbies pickles. He’s a pretty amazing adventure baby and is happiest when we are out exploring. He thought the oranges were balls and wanted to throw them all! Baby boy, you are amazing and I’m so proud to be your momma. Happy birthday Z!

From day 1, Jonah has absolutely adored Zachary. He’s his biggest fan and is constantly seeking him out to give love and try to make him laugh. It’s been the most heart warming thing to watch. I hope that as Zachary gets bigger, these two will become the best of buds.

Double digits. I cannot believe Jude just turned 10! 10?!?! Say what?! He’s the kindest person I have EVER met. He’s empathetic. And so funny. And a really good dancer. He literally got every single good quality my husband has in his body (and none of the annoying ones haha!). He’s easy going and has the biggest heart. He’s had to work hard and overcome a lot in his life. His vaccine injury rocked our family and changed so many things. I’m so very proud of him and how healthy he is now. He spends his days writing and reading, he loves magic and legos and Harry Potter. He sits and has long conversations with his dad that make me smile. Jude is always the one losing his shoes, even in just 400sq feet 😂 I think I’ve spent at least 3 of the last 10 years looking for Jude’s shoes! 🤣 Happy Birthday buddy, we love ya!