1.  Summer if off to a great start already!  I’m loving spending so much time with my kids!!  Yes, after last year, we needed a healthy start to summer and we’ve had just that.  So very thankful.

2.  We had one week of no carpool, no transporting kids everywhere and then this week football camp started so we’re back it.  I love it though.  Busy!

3.  And do you know what comes after football camp?!  FOOTBALL!  I’m SO ready this year, SO ready!  The day football camp started I began working on my husband to get our cable turned back on.  I’m determined to have as much football as possible in this house come fall.  I have not missed not having the TV on, but come football season, I just don’t think I can do without.  I need ideas to help convince him!

4.  When Teagan asks for something politely he says “Please may can I ____”  Love it.  A little extra polite never hurt.

5.  This is just about the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

6.  Taryn and I spent our afternoon having a “pretend” spa day yesterday.  Complete with putting coconut oil in our hair (and man are we shiny now!  wow, who knew?!), she painted all our nails, we did facials, put on lip gloss and my girl took a very long bubble bath.  It was heavenly and we just had the best time doing girly stuff while Teagan napped and Ty played video games.  She’s declared next Tuesday spa day part 2!

7.  The only reason I have time to write this post right now in the middle of the day is because both of the littles fell asleep on the couch.  That never happens.  I’m enjoying every second and I don’t even care if it means they will be up until 10 pm, the silence mid day is golden.

8.  That silence is golden because I have a headache.  Correction:  I have a long headache.  10 days long.  I’ve never had a headache for this long and I just can’t shake it.  I’ve tried everything I can think of…..acupuncture twice, sleep, exercise, sauna, epsom salt, homeopathics, clove oil, hot shower on my head, I even tried ibuprofen which is really, really rare for me.  The first acupuncture session worked for about an hour, the clove oil took the edge off, but it lingered and came back with a vengance.  I’m thinking it might be a rx I’m on so I called my doctor.  10 days is just waaaaaay too long….

9.  I’ve managed to pretty much get back on track with my 365 One Frame A Day project.  I’m pretty happy about that!  Head over and check out Ty’s birthday cake.  It came from Bees Knees Bakery in Cedar Park which we highly recommend.  They save me when Taryn needs something baked at school or birthday parties.  They are gluten and dairy free and they have vegan options, which is huge for us because of T’s egg allergy.  Let’s just say that more than one person at Ty’s birthday licked their plate!

10.  I’m getting out of cooking tonight but only because our fridge broke for the second time in a month.  Total bummer and I hate loosing so much of our food.  Thankfully, the husband is stopping at Natural Grocers to pick up some soup we can throw on the stove and call it a night.  I’m going to spend the rest of the night pretending I don’t have to clean out the fridge again AND rebuy all the food we lost again.  Total denial.