I met someone amazing.


One hour old, all fresh and brand new.  Ty was a surprise.  To say I was shocked to find out I was pregnant is an understatement, I thought I had the flu!  This photograph seems like it was taken a lifetime ago.  I had to dig it up out of an old online album.  I had an image in my mind that I wanted to post but couldn’t find it anywhere.  I guess the storm ate the last copy unless my mom has one somewhere.  It was me holding Ty for the first time and I just looked amazed by him.  Kevin was standing over us with his hand on Ty’s chest.  I see that image in my mind.  It symbolizes the moment I became a mother.  The moment my world became about someone else.  The moment I began to worry about everything, the way only a mother does.  The moment my heart spilled over with joy, just looking at my son for the first time.  Ty has one of the best birth stories I could imagine….

My mom was planning my baby shower and put it off until the last month because her friend Linda was getting married (Mom you should call Linda and wish her a happy anniversary LOL).  Mom figured she had plenty of time and scheduled it a month before my due date.  The shower was to be held at my house because it was central to people traveling in from out of town, 45 minutes from every direction.  My mom got there early that morning to decorate and set everything up.  Kevin and my step dad Larry took off to go golfing.  Kevin didn’t play golf, but that’s the kind of things guys are supposed to do when women congragate, so he went.  About 10 minutes before the guests are due to arrive I took a few minutes to myself in the bedroom to finish getting ready.  I walked out to begin to greet everyone and felt a little pop.  I spun on my heals and headed to the bathroom.  A few minutes later my mom knocks on the door and asks me if I’m ok.  I told her that I thought my water broke and do you know what she said to me "Nope.  Not today.  Lyndsay, we don’t have time for that today.  You go lay down for a few minutes and I’m sure you’ll be fine."  I did but a few minutes later I still thought my water had broke.  My mom was in complete denial (it’s funny now though).  I had to convince her to bring me to the hospital!!  I called Kevin in a panic and he says "do you want me to come home?"  Uh, YES I WANT YOU TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW panic, my mom doesn’t believe me, pregnant, hormonal, voice!  LOL!  I think he was relieved he didn’t have to play golf though.  We decided my mom would bring me to the hospital, he would meet us there and a guest would continue to answer the door and let people in to inform them I was in labor.  It ended up that the party just moved to the my big labor suite.  It was amazing, food, guests, decorations, I opened gifts as people came to visit, everyone we loved was there, what a great way to go through labor, I loved it!  At one point the pain got bad, I kicked everyone out, but after the epidural kicked in, I wanted to know where everyone ran off to!  Bring em back in!  Ha! 

Labor lasted just under 6 hours and Tyler was born that evening.  I still vividly remember his first cry.  I’ll never forget it.  As soon as he took his first breath and let out a cry, applause and cheering erupted right outside the door from our shower guests and friends.  That moment was so amazing.  The old joke at our house is that Ty never misses a good party.

I stayed up late that night, after everyone else had left and just talked to him for hours.  About life and the world, about all the things he could be, I told him all about me and all about Kevin.  I told him all about all the people that would love him.  I counted all his finger and all his toes, at least a dozen times.  And even though the nurses told me I should be sleeping, I laid him in my lap and stared at him, fascinated by him, almost all night, I couldn’t believe he was mine. 

10 years ago….hard to believe.  His birthdays now make me feel older than my own.  I have a 10 year old….how can that be?

Happy Birthday buddy!  You are so many things, smart, funny, full of spirit, thoughtful and kind.  You’re my best surprise ever and I love you.