An entire day of fun!  Ty got to choose what he wanted to do all day today.  My mom came and stayed with the baby so we could run off and do whatever he chose with our full attention.  This morning he chose a photography lesson (love that!), then we met Jason for lunch at Olive Garden (Ty loves Balini Tea), then to Chuck E Cheese for games and fun.  After that we came home for cake and gifts.  We had a blast.  I took a ton of pics and have to tell you that Ty really rocked it with the camera this morning.  He did so good.  If he keeps at it, I can’t image where photography could take him.  I like to proof his photos with him so that he can learn post processing so I’ll post some in a few days, there is no way I’m going to be able to tear him away from his Star Wars Legos tonight LOL! 

Here are a few favorites I took today….

Love the moon boots.  Thank goodness for good health insurance.


Jase and I had a Skeeball Showdown.  I whooped him.  Big time.  Bwahaha.  He is a sore looser and I am an even worse winner.  It wasn’t pretty 😉


cube dudes.  fascinating little creatures.


the cake


gift carnage


the joy of of finding out you just got electric drums for your birthday =)


On the way home Ty told me he had more fun doing photography with me this morning than anything else today.  Do you know that this mean I rank above Chuck E Cheese?!?!  That totally counts as a promotion!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments below, who knew I’d make y’all cry?!  Ty asks me to tell him his birth story all the time, we love it, so glad you did too!

Tomorrow, photography by Ty.