Taryn finally went on the potty!  Yay!!!  Last night before her bath!  I’ve put in so many hours in that bathroom with potty training, I’ve lost count, but it’s a lot.  Let’s just say she’s a pokey little bugger, and up until last night she never actually went.  You’d have thought we won the lottery with Jason, Ty and I jumping up and down, clapping and carrying on.  Of course she looked at us like we had all completely lost our marbles!  Never in a million years did I dream that someone going potty would totally make my day and make me feel so proud!  The joys of motherhood right?!  =)

And thank you to everyone who posted in the poll, it’s always so great to hear from you guys who visit us – thanks for all the great comments!! 

Lollipop – I’ve watched it 10 times and it still makes me laugh.  I love our dog, Kylie is just so dang lovable.  I’ve never met a dog like her before, she’s so sweet.  And you know, you really can’t blame her, Taryn was taunting her a bit, how could she possibly have resisted?!?

For those who asked, I got the lollipop at Cost Plus World Market.  We love that place and I spotted the sucker at the checkout stand.  Of course the hubster thought I’d lost it that I paid $10 for a sucker, but jeesh, it was for PICTURES!  LOL  The monster is quite heavy though, the handle is made out of PVC pipe, Taryn could only hold it up if she held it close to the top, otherwise it’s very top heavy!

And what’s a post without a few pics?  Convinced Ty to give me a few minutes this morning to play with my new lens….but I got ditched as soon as his best bud Cade showed up to play…

My handsome boy…


My silly boy…(and check out the no glare on his glasses – so excited!  he was even in front of a window!  yes, it’s the little things that bring me joy)


My bored boy…


Can’t believe he’s almost 10…..how did this happen?

I’ll have a funny Taryn story for you guys tomorrow!  Thanks for stoppin in =)