Sneak peek for one of my favorite families!  I’ve been photographing them since their oldest was just 6 months old and it’s been so fun to watch them grow.  They showed up ready to play and celebrate Ryan’s first birthday….

Man I love that last shot.  When I coerced them into a photo with just the two of them, Russ mentioned that it felt like engagement pics again.  It is, but it’s so much more though too.  That’s why I corner couples…even when the session is about the kids and the family.  Because look how far you’ve come since you were engaged.  A mortgage and work and bills to pay and meals to prepare.  Two babies turned toddlers, the newborn days, sleepless nights, feedings, diapers, running in every direction, your hands full, your hearts fuller than you imagined possible.  You’ve learned a lot and you’ve grown together.  Celebrate that while it is happening. I believe your children will thank you for taking a moment to come back to meet in the middle of the chaos.  Thank you for letting me capture that moment tonight Michelle & Russ.  And a great big huge Happy Birthday to your little man!!