Tyler William. Of course they had no idea that my son has the exact same name. Great minds think alike. I think they have awesome taste in names. And they have pretty/handsome babies!

This family has a special place in my heart as they have invited me to photograph some pretty special moments in their lives.  I did this session right before things got tough with Teagan and unfortunately they had to wait a while for their photos.  They showed me an immeasurable amount of grace, understanding and patience and I am so thankful.  Instead of asking for their photos, they sent us notes of support, a care package to the hospital filled with books to pass the time, goodies for the kids, snacks to get us by and also sent many prayers.  I truly have the best clients a girl could ask for!  K family, thank you and congratulations on the birth of Tyler William, I am so thrilled for you!

ps – Can I give a great big triple fist pump for double toddler eye contact AND smiles up there!!  HA!!