Taryn:  Mommy, guess what, I taught daddy something new and special yesterday.

Me:  really?  what’s that honey?

Taryn:  That he needs to have paaaaatience at the red lights.

Me:  bwwwwahahahaha.

Bad day today.  The kids were horrible.  All of them.  I was that mother today, glaring at her children in public, frustrated, stressed, took on too much for one day and tired beyond recognition.  All the way home in the car I contemplated the logistics of never going out into public again with the 3 of them alone.  How bad would that really be??  I think Jase knew it was a bad day when I came through the door, absolutely done, immediately handed them off and hid in the bedroom for a few hours all by myself.  Tomorrow is a new day….but I’m stayin’ home.