So, I was just looking at the photos Jodie took of our family for the 500th bazillionth time this week and I had to take a quick moment from proofing before I head to bed to come share just a few.

These are so him.  SO HIM.  This series totally and completely cracks me up.  I’m thinking of doing these three on the wall next to my nightstand.  They make me laugh….and smile….and shake my head with adoration.

AAACK!  She’s looking at me.  Don’t look at me!  If I hide my eyes she won’t see me.  Whew, that was close!  Wait….I wonder if she’s still looking at me?!

Seriously, he does this all the time and it makes me laugh so much.  It never gets old.  And Carol (Alli’s Mom), if you are reading this, I know you’re laughing cause he did this to you every single time you looked at him for weeks.  So funny.

Thank you Jodie for the awesome photos!  I adore them and will be back to share more very soon!