was spent laying low.  after yesterday, it was a must.  and it was nice.  we did celebrate by Jase taking Ty and his best friend out to Austin Park & Pizza, then home to a movie and sleepover.  perfect way to end the summer.  they had a blast and it was nice to have a somewhat quiet night with Teagan and Taryn.  Teagan went to sleep at the normal time and then I let Taryn stay up late.  we made a cake in honor of her new favorite color….it will make an appearance tomorrow.  until then, I leave you with this, my little man during his bath tonight….

he was a busy boy today, exploring, playing, reading, running, climbing out of the playpen, torturing his sister with a musical instrument….should I go on and on and on?  ha!  but after lunch, he grabbed his blankie and his favorite dog, went into his room, climbed into bed and went to sleep.

just like that.  lights on and everything.  after a few minutes of quiet I went looking for him.  not only did he put himself down, he slept for 3 hours!  I was shocked.