alright, so i just finished up proofing the last of the mini sessions and i had these in the same folder so I pulled them really quick.  so fun!  the first round of mini’s, I had a friend help me out both days, but when i had a few makeups due to busted lips, etc., i had ty go with me for those.  he’s great at carrying stuff and making kids laugh most of the time (not on this particular day, but he did carry my stuff, so i can’t complain).  plus, he was happy to get out of the house for a few hours, i think he gets bummed when i get to go off and do shoots all weekend and he’s stuck at home with the babies and dad (no offense babies and dad, but he’d rather be out shooting).  we had a few minutes of downtime between sessions and below is what happens when photogs get bored.  gosh i love this kid….

oh, my secret….I’m mean huh?  Thursday…..check back Thursday 😛