Can you believe it?!?! I’m still a little shocked by this, but also very, very excited! The Austin Chronicle named me as the Best Kids Photographer for 2008!!!! I received this invitation last week to attend an exclusive party for the Best of Austin by the Austin Chronicle at the Long Center for Performing Arts in downtown Austin. Jase and I went tonight and it was so much fun. Amazing people who are awesome at what they do at every table, good food, great music and just a total honor to be there with the very best that Austin has to offer. I was hesitant to mention anything until they actually let us into the party, my inner voice was saying “maybe they made a mistake and think you’re someone else” LOL! But, they let us in, and we got some goodies, a certificate, a t-shirt, etc. and even an advance copy of the paper that will be released on Friday, complete with a cool little blurb about what I do. I’m so surprised by this, I mean, do you guys know how much photographic talent there is in this town?! Lots!! I’m totally honored =) I’ll post and link up a copy of the paper once it’s available online!